Sunday, February 7, 2016

Snorts, kisses and tippy toe walking

Without a doubt my baby is growing quickly into a toddler. What a wild, loving and delight she is. Every day there are new words and skills. I feel like a fumbling behind her as I try and keep up with all the progress. I love that her personality is full of sass and confidence. She is oh so affectionate but equally independent.

Recent trip to Eden Gardens
When awake she is full of energy; running, climbing, twirling and chatting. She has begun to play Mummy and tucks her soft toys into bed. She reads out loud and giggles at her cleverness. She can snort very loudly thanks to Peppa pig! Her other animal noises are coming along too. Her favourite is "reoow" like a kitty  and "raah" like a lion. Her chicken impression is the complete mimic of our screechy bantums and not at all like the usual "cluck cluck".

Yesterday she started walking on her tip toes and has been constantly tippy toeing her way around the place since. The cuteness just overwhelms me. She bends her knees, wiggles her bottom and twirls to music. Recently she has been singing with such earnest concentration to music.....a.d.o.r.a.b.le. Of course we are ridiculously proud of her achievements.

Those pesky teeth are still cutting through without a break. She has so many now and it must be so miserable to be in pain so much. I'm not sure we would have enjoyed the past few months without trusty pamol and bonjela.

The bond between our darling puss Lily and cublet is unfolding. Mae is learning to stroke her gently and as a result Lily seeks her out. It is just so cute when Mae lays her head on Lily and snuggles her soft fur. Mae couldn't be happier that Lily stays and rewards kitty with kisses. In fact she is very generous with kisses at the moment. Mwah for Mummy, Mwah for Daddy....mwah for each soft toys as she plays. Oh my heart.

Noah and Mae
Her little mate Noah is just the coolest wee dude. It has been fun to see them recognise each other and play together. Like chalk and cheese but a friendship forming nevertheless. Watching them interacting is a blessing. Us parent's are looking forward to the adventures they will have together.

She misses her Daddy (and oh my goodness so do I ). He comes home tomorrow and how happy she will be. Ten days must feel like forever and I have noticed a change in her during Mr. Fox's absence. More clingy, a little more mischievous and harder to settle in the evenings. She has been calling for him as she wakes every morning.

Daddy and Mae in Eden Gardens
At the end of this month cublet will be 16 months! Being One and Half seems to be rapidly approaching. My mind is already starting to dream up fun for her September birthday. We are soaking up the moments and days. These really are the golden years with our golden girl.


  1. So sweet her calling for daddy. My partner works away a lot too and Eily is similar. I'd really love to hear her chicken noise!

    1. Lol is a rather awful and loud "squawk".