Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Family adventure to Fairy Falls in the Waitakere Ranges

Not long ago we set out to walk to Fairy Falls near our place. We walked in from the bottom of the track at Mountain Road but you can walk it from Scenic Drive too. It is a steep track that is boggy in places. There are a few places where you have to rock hop across the shallow stream. A little hairy with Mae up in the backpack but achievable nonetheless.

My favourite adventuring companions
After about half an hour of walking we reached the base of the Fairy Falls. You can hear the falls before you see them and when you walk out into the clearing it is rather magical. Water cascades down a series of pools. Sunlight dances on the droplets making teeny rainbows. Mae was very pleased to have a run around and explore. We even spotted a little eel in the pool, hiding by a log.

Happy to be exploring
Taking in the beauty of the falls and imagining little water fairies

We climbed to the upper most pool and peered over railings to falls below. By this time it was mid morning. Hungry and thirsty we made our way back down to the smooth rocks for a picnic lunch. Mr. Fox and I taking turns to eat while Mae played by the water's edge.

After a while she stopped for a few bites of egg sandwich and muesli bar. On the walk back her blinks grew slower and "winky" won. Her wee forehead sunk beneath the top of the pack, rocked to sleep by her Daddy's hiking.

Happy on Daddy's back as we look back down over the falls

It was a quick little trip but a perfect escape from suburbia.  Only a few kilometers from home but feels like you are far from the hustle and haste of life.  We hope to be ticking a few more of the local tracks off over the next few months. The cooler days of Autumn are perfect for exploring. The Waitakere Ranges are such a big part of why we love living out in West Auckland. Here's hoping Mae grows to share that love; so far it's looking promising. 

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