Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Best places to buy Second Hand in West Auckland

It has taken a few years of visiting op-shops in the western suburbs of Auckland to find my favourites. The ones that have clean and good quality stock with helpful staff.  I am keen on thrifting and living lightly but don't like to spend long at the shops.  I check out my favs before buying new.

Now that cublet is a little bigger I try to buy for the next season (and size) coming up. I keep a running list on my phone of bits and pieces she might need in her wardrobe. This system comes in handy for clothes/craft supplies for myself too. It helps me focus and remember exactly what I need to purchase.

The following stores consistently have a good turnover of quality stock.

In Henderson I tend to visit the St Johns op shop, SPCA op shop, Restore and the Hospice op shop. These all have great clothes for little ones and the Restore shop has brilliant furniture and home wares too.

When I am looking for clothes for Mae I always go to the huge SaveMart in New Lynn. This place has a huge selection of clothes at decent prices. There is a huge rack of togs most of which are nearly new. Recently I got some great winter gear here including a brilliant pair of lined, waterproof overalls.

The New Lynn Salvation Army Family Store is a real treasure trove for furniture. We got Mae's beautiful mid century drawers from this shop but it is super busy so I recommend getting there early in the day for a browse.

Finally if you are looking for a directory of op-shops in New Zealand this one is really comprehensive. It is a fantastic resource when you move areas (or if you are on holiday and fancy a quick hunt).  I'm curious to know if you have any favourites?

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