Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sweet Pea cardigan and other unfinished knits

So I have been working away at the sweet pea cardigan,  reaching the hood a week or so ago. The further into the project I get the quicker it grows. There has been some gnashing of teeth accompanied by some muttering when I have had to frog back a few rows.

I have to come realise I need full concentration when knitting this particular pattern and to avoid it completely when I am tired.  The little peas that nestle in the pods were a little flat. I have figured that by working them a couple of extra rows they sit nice and proud (You can see the flatter peas on the first pattern repeat). How pleasing it is to be able to nut out a solution for oneself.

Slow and steady progress. 

My little helper has been assisting my efforts to tidy my knitting supplies. Always happy to play with yarn and find new places to pass the time while I fossick. I sent a couple of bags of scratchy or not-quite-the-perfect-colour yarns to the charity shops. Along with a reasonably large pile of knitting patterns. Most of these I had collected before I knew of the wonderfulness that is It is so much easier to have favourite patterns stored in a digital format. 

In the process of making space I uncovered a unfinished knits. Forgotten projects; gifts incomplete and blankets needing a few more hours of love. So with the best intentions I will endeavour to plug away at these over the winter months. 

It is always much harder to return to a knit once the initial excitement has faded. I'm always impressed by those who work on project at a time....such restraint! One gift that I am working on completing is a scarf for my sister, cast on more a few years ago as a Christmas present. 

Soft cream merino yarn alternated with a dusky pink. The same simple pattern as I gave to my Mum.  I aim to cast off before her birthday and will add buttons if she wishes. A delight to knit, soothing yarn that slips easily from one needle to another. Why it was abandoned I'm not exactly sure but I have my suspicions it was when we moved house. Between this and the cardigan I will be occupied for the next month or so. I have promised myself I will get these two done before buying wool for a navy cardigan for Mae. 


  1. Oh that is such a lovely green - the perfect colour for a pea cardigan. I know what you mean about needing to make space in the stash - I had a sort out last summer and got rid of a whole heap of yarn that I was never going to knit and it definitely felt freeing!

    1. Thank you so much for popping by. I always admire your knitting skills so this cardigan is good practice!