Monday, March 7, 2016

Autumn is gently arriving...........

As the calendar flips from February to March the season officially becomes Autumn. You can feel the first whispers of cooler nights and turning of leaves. Summer is heat and humidity is giving way to a crisper air. Long rain showers have given the garden a proper drenching and it is looking refreshed.

Watery fun

Fence at entry finally painted
We have made the most of the warm afternoons with walks and outdoor water play. It has been a little quieter round here of late. Although there has been plenty of things to do. As Mae has become older (18 months in a couple of weeks!) we are attending more activities; playgroup, Mainly Music, story time at the library. She so enjoys the other children and extra fun.

Our orchards first fruits

Just this morning she has been chasing butterflies in the garden as I hung out the washing.....crying out "bella bella" to them as they fluttered just out of reach. It was one of those joyful moments that feels like you are exactly where you have always wanted to be and blessed beyond measure.

My sister and partner have just visited briefly. My Dad and his partner are here in Auckland for a days. Our cup is full and it is with a happy heart that I can enjoy all this family time.

Train rides with Poppa

One particularly hot morning was made special with a trip to Auckland Botanic Gardens with Aunty Emma. Cublet enjoyed leading the way through the paths and trails. Emma and I enjoyed a catch up despite the sticky heat.

Incredible sculpture 

Enjoying the childrens' garden
Climbing, always climbing

Finally the empty patches in the garden bed are filling up as I plant out the crops for cooler months; lots of spring onions, mixed brassicas and curly leaf kale.

We celebrated picking our first four apples with quiet jubilation. It was a special moment to record. Our girls chubby hands plucked the fruit from up high in her Daddy's arms. Dreams coming to fruition; blogged about here when Mae was new.

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