Monday, March 28, 2016

Kitekite Falls, Piha. A morning walk together

Completing the Kitekite Falls walk has been our list for ages. With no plans for Saturday morning this weekend we took the opportunity to tick it off. The walking tracks are so much quieter before mid morning so we set off right after breakfast.

Happy walking buddies
The track is a loop from the car park at Piha with lots of interesting history along the way.  A mostly easy, smooth track with a little scrambling required just before the base of the falls. The Kitekite falls are much bigger than the Fairy Falls and the is a big pool that would be perfect for a swim. We are planning to pack our togs next time.

A little weary from the walk. The base of Kitekite Falls.
 There is an optional steep track that leads to the top of the falls that is worth the effort (and huffing/puffy/sweatiness!). The bush opens out into a clearing where the water meanders from pool to pool before hurtling over the edge. Very majestic.

Top of the falls

There are the deep cut outs in the rock, marks of the Kauri logging and the dam created to move the logs.  Not really safe enough to let our cublet run around up here as the rocks are slippery so after a short time admiring the view we set off down the hill for morning tea.

Much to Mae's delight a Monarch butterfly settled on the grass by our picnic table. Her favourite things at the moment are diggers and butterflies. This one looked a little tired/old/sick so was resting on the grass. Miss Mae spent a good while saying "bella bellaby" to the wee creature.  What a treat for her to observe one so closely.

Little butterfly

After a week or two of lots of socialising it was theraupeutic to spend time in nature. The quiet coolness of the bush a calming balm to our weary souls. It will be a track we will revisit. There are a few other tracks that are nearby that we wish to explore too. With plenty of parking and restrooms it is perfect for exploring the Waitakere Ranges.

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