Monday, March 28, 2016

A sweet visit from Southern Friends

Busy weeks mean posts have to wait. Keeping lists of blog ideas/thoughts set the intention to record memories here. Bullet points and notes that jog my memory when I sit down to write. Bringing the photos and thoughts together....preferably with a hot coffee and solitude!

One such note has reminded me to document one of our favourite weekends of 2016 thus far. Our sweet friend from our Uni years came to visit. Her little family moved to Auckland around the same time as ours and we enjoyed many fun times together. When they moved south we really missed them (we still do of course). 

At the beginning of the month they ventured North for a catch up. My goodness their girls had grown and are such a delight. It was a full weekend, packed with all the good stuff. Lots of laughs, playing and so much chatter. 

Mae was thrilled to be spending so much time with her little mate Noah and her two new friends Arleigha and Caylee. After a relaxed BBQ here the first evening we spent time exploring Auckland. 

Inflatable world was a first for us; I think the adults had as much fun as the kids. As we went early in the morning there was a good half an hour with the place to ourselves! Lots of running and jumping on the bouncy castles and slides.

Fun at Inflatable world

No fear! 

We had a quick trip through Kelly Tarlton Aquarium. The girls loved the playground and gift shop the best funnily enough. I could spend hours in aquariums. We finished off the day with a picnic at Western Springs. The kids played for hours in the playground while the grown ups took turn supervising and grabbing a bite to eat.

The girls watching the Elephant Sharks at Kelly Tarlton Aquarium

Mae and her wee mate Noah

We miss our lovely friends already and so loved their time here. Having our children play together is such a surreal and beautiful dream. Here's to more time spent with friends and our little ones creating special memories together. 

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