Friday, March 18, 2016

Tiny Happy Modern Bonnets

When I need to soothe my heart and quiet my thoughts I turn to the garden or crafting. While experiencing my pregnancy loss I was told to take it easy but to be honest all I wanted to do was throw myself into a physical job in the backyard. To order a mountain of mulch to spread about or hastily paint more of that fence. To move and sweat.

Instead I followed the doctor's orders and found relief in making. In the still moments between putting Mae to bed and chores I sought out my projects The more I created the more whole I felt. The repetition of stitching, cutting and sewing was meditative.

The Modern Bonnet pattern in Melissa Wastney's Sweet and Simple Handmade book is beautiful. Mae has several in her winter wardrobe made by my Mum and her friend on one of their crafting afternoons. The bonnet is a both a good fit for little heads and darling hat. The ribbons ensure that small hands can't tug them off. An uncomplicated project that I could finish without frustration.

Magnificent floral...a little hard to make the first snip!

In my stash I had some softer than soft flannel that I knew would be snuggly as the lining. A dusty purple and checks in white and black. For the outer, the pile of fabrics I chosen from Mum's crafting cupboard called to me. There is surely no better way to use it up than to adorn sweet babes heads. Old fashioned florals in deep colours, imbued with extra specialness knowing that my precious Mum had once selected and pondered projects for each piece. I cherish the knowledge that her hands once held them. Perhaps a little too sentimental for some but a comfort to myself.

The pattern is easy to follow and a joy to sew. It doesn't require much fabric either so it's a great way to use up smaller pieces.  After making a couple and having thoroughly enjoyed myself; I cut out more. In all I have made approximately twenty little bonnets. A few lined in soft tarten with black outers and of course more florals! Each needed ribbons too, so it was fun to select co-ordinating ones from my collections. Happily I had black velvet ribbon for the darker bonnets.

Four await cooler temperatures and will be worn by Miss Mae. One is heading off to Australia for my sweet friends handsome new nephew. The others have been squirreled away for babes yet to be born. Charming gifts to welcome little ones.

Modern bonnets from the Sweet and Simple Handmade Book.

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