Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sleep sack and bunnys

Our little darling has started the cutest evening routine. After dinner, bath, play and books the clock reaches 7.30pm; time for bed. If we mention the words 'sleep sack' she squeals with glee and races down the hall to collect it!

Oh it is funny seeing her pull it from the end of her cot, gather up the folds and make her way back to the lounge. Here the sleep sack is thrown to the floor and she busies herself laying it out (with assistance from Daddy). With a big grin she lays herself down ready to be zipped in.

I'm unsure where this started but it is rather a sweet way to end the bedtime routine. Her favourite part comes next; she shuffles down to the very bottom hidden from view and loves to be swung around. Giggles and squeals escape the sack as it swings around the lounge. Pure and simple joy.

Eighteen months is such a fun age. Cublet's vocabulary is growing each day; new words tumbling from her lips. She can brush her teeth and loves to help out in the garden/around the house. She delights in saying 'ta' for please and 'tank you' for thanks, mostly because she receives such high praise for her lovely manners from us and people she meets.

Diggers and butterflies remain at the top end of her favourite things. She is developing a love for dinosaurs 'di di' and bunnies too. We spend a lot of time playing dinosaurs and hopping around the house.

I found a sweet pair of tights with bunnies on the knees. It is hilarious to see her feeding or offering them a drink...'sssurp sssurp' she says! If you ask where the bunnies are she lifts her skirt high and shows them off ever so proudly.

She has her first set of big girl pj's for winter, a softer than soft pink checked flannel pair. Excitingly her feet now leave the ground when she jumps. The swimming instructor has deemed her competent enough to remove the arm bands. It is quite crazy to see her independently paddling around the pool with her little foam backboard. She has mastered pouring water from a cup after much practise in the bath.

We fill in the day with lot's of outside time; running, jumping, climbing. Inside we play 'babies', she tucks in her baby and says 'nigh nighs'. It is funny to hear her snoring noise that her sleeping babes all seem to make. Puzzles with handles are becoming easier despite her fiery temper sending pieces flying if they won't co-operate. Oh my darling it will take some serious training to channel that fire.

It has been a rewarding and exhausting year and a half. We are more in love with our munchkin with each passing day. How can the time be passing so quickly though?!

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