Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas crafting reveal

Now that the presents have been unwrapped I can finally show you what this fox had been working on in the months before the big day. It was awfully fun to see all the goodies together before wrapping them up. Had trouble getting a good photo due to the appalling weather we have had here in Auckland. Rain, rain go away!

Christmas crafting

This year it was lovely to have planned and started crafting for Christmas early. My knitting has improved after all the hats and slippers. It felt good to try out some patterns/ideas from my scrapbooks too. Everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts. 
Christmas tea-towels, flannels and hand towels
I love my Christmas flannels and hand towels that Ma Fox gave me last year so much, they really are such fun to get out at the start of December and use during the festive season. So I made some too giveaway (and a couple to keep). There are some really lovely Christmas themed fabrics out there and it is great to use them on items that are going to be used year after year. And who doesn't love a little festive cheer in the kitchen and bathroom!!

Woolly warmth
2011 was the year that 3D knitting was tackled so it was no surprise that my Foxy family and friends received hats or slippers. The hats with the tassels are using the pattern I blogged about here. The stripey hat was a new pattern in my repertoire. It is the Turn a Square Striped Beanie from Brooklyn Tweed and what a fun hat to knit up. Fits my Pa Fox just right....."not too tight" he says. I added a little extra length to the brim as the winds in Southland, New Zealand can be freezing. Hopefully no cold ears for my family this winter.

If you are reading this my sweet friend Sammy.....Stop!! Your present is yet to wing it's way South yet. Hmmm not the best organised in getting your present to you this year. So look away and scroll down past this next picture my friend! A wee part of this picture is in your parcel.
Owls and fancy collar
Three more cheeky little owls were born this festive season. Using this lovely pattern I blogged about here. Ma Fox received the teal coloured collar. Should keep her cosy during her winter days at work. The pattern is Marcelle's Fancy Neck Wrap from the Interweave Crochet Accessories. The collar is worked in both knit and crochet. The pieces look a little weird before being blocked and sewn up. I very nearly gave up as I just couldn't envision the finished project looking anything like the photo shown in the magazine. So glad I didn't though.

Nana Fox's scarf
Another pattern from the Interweave Crochet Accessories booklet turned out pretty darn good too. The scarf above was given to my Nana. She loved it and was especially pleased with the yarn choice; a merino and possum blend. It is super soft and has a beautiful drape.  The pattern is called Maria's Scarf.

Flannels for a baby boy, pillowcase and oven mitts
The pillowcase was for my Pop Fox....a man that is very had to buy for. I thought this pillowcase would be a fun alternative to socks, chocolate etc. The oven mitt I didn't use a pattern for, just winged it. Copied from my own oven mitts. It has a few layers of woollen blanket scraps and a tea-towel for the outer layer. I am hoping that this will be easy to wash and will last a long time. The flannels are for a sweet little boy that I finally got to meet and cuddle in December. I thought the shapes would be fun in the bath. Oh my what a dear little boy, so  cheeky and cute. Such a pity I live so far apart from him and his parents.
Christmas dishcloths and pincushions
Whew...last picture! Cotton dishcloths are just garter stitch rectangles. The pincushions are cobbled together scraps and are inspired by lots of different pincushions on the net. The ribbons are so the pincushions can be tied to a chair or other tricky spots for crafting on the go. They look better stuffed and have dried lavender and lemon verbena inside too. Mmm fragrant crafting!! 

So I was a little crafted out a few days before Christmas day but of that didn't last long. I started a wee crochet blanket on the plane to Southland but more on that later. Christmas this year was super sunny and I had fun. Enjoyed spending time with my family and friends. It was over all too quickly.

P.s: Ma Fox started a blog, won't you drop in and say hello to her....... Daisies, Doilies and Donkeys

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