Monday, January 9, 2012

Time to ponder....

Reflecting on the year just past and looking forward to this shiny new one has been on my mind these last few weeks.  2011 was a huge year of change for me.  The decisions i made were terrifying and liberating all at once.  Last year changed me in so many ways; I feel like I am finally growing into myself.  I am learning to accept my flaws and be proud of my strengths.

Visiting Monarch between showers
I quit a responsible, reliable, well paying respectable job last year.  Burnt out, every day had begun to feel like a struggle.  When you have to psych yourself up for the day's work and can't wait to get home you know it's time for change.  Big change.  So I quit.  With no job lined up and little idea of what I wanted to do.  Handed in my resignation, worked out my notice, said my good-byes, left that job.  Have never been so scared in my life.  This post on Gala Darling explains the essence of letting go to commitments that are just too much so eloquently, more so than I ever could.

A little splash of colour

Working with the elderly I miss but not all the other stuff that went with it.  So now after a lot of job hunting and a short time working in a store I have found a job that allows me to have great work-life balance.  As a Nanny/Nurse for children both healthy or have medical issues I get to have fun at work.  Laughter and spontaneity are huge part of my day and I love it.  There are moments that I have to take a deep breath but I no longer drag my feet to the car in the morning and the day passes so very quickly.  Work brings me so much joy and inspiration these days.

Wild weeds in an empty plot

I am so proud that I made the leap and shook up my career so much. Proud and so very grateful to have a loving partner who supported me every step of the way.  Thankful to have a family that cheered me on even when I started to think that I may just have made a hasty and stupid decision to quit.  Being brave enough to leave that job has made me more confident that I can handle situations that are daunting.  A change in career direction was not my only achievement .  My crafting skills moved forward with the addition of reading knitting patterns and working on circular needles.  Patterns in general are less intimidating and I am more willing to give more complex projects a go. Crochet, sewing and knitting are a huge part of my life.

Summer...where are you??

2011 was also the year we moved from a tiny apartment on the 13th floor of a busy, inner city building complex to our sweet, spacious space on the ground floor of an old villa.  We love this space to say the least.  It really feels like a little home.  Filling the space with special trinkets, art and memories has been a highlight of the past year.  So wonderful to have a haven to come home too and to share with friends.  Putting in a little herb and vegetable garden has been satisfying.

 I tried to say 'yes' to opportunities to have fun more often.....I think is becoming habit now (because life is short right?? and just why the hell not!!).  Tried to take more photos and be present in each moment. I am excited about 2012 and all the fun it will bring.  More personal growth and achievement are high on my goals for this year, a bit of travel, lots more photos and enjoying another trip around the sun.  Ooo so excited and it has just begun!

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