Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A sunny Christmas and a very wet New Year

Southland put on a great show of fine weather for Christmas.  It was so warm and sunny that we opened our presents on the verhanda. We drank coffee and homemade lemon cordial, we snacked on all sorts of goodies that Ma. Fox had whipped up. And as the sun tracked across the sky and our lunch settled the badminton set was erected. What fun the badminton was, lots of laughs and missed shots. Not a breath of wind either (very odd for Southland). Christmas day was special and relaxed and I am so very sad that it all went so quickly.

Let the games begin!
This festive season was great for so many reasons. A traditional  'Pre-Christmas Curry' night was celebrated with friends and past flatmates in Dunedin. A super jolly night with great music and special mates. Nana and Pop Fox cooked a special Christmas lunch for Sister Fox, Mr. Fox and I. It was scrumptious and so very good to catch up with them. We managed to catch up with many family and friends on our short trip south making the holiday busy but enjoyable. The sun shining brightly was the cherry on top.
Super cute sister fox
New Years was not so sunny. In fact it was ridiculously wet and in turn muddy. Nevertheless it was an amazing couple of days. We went to the Coromandel Gold music festival in the Whitianga. We had hoped for a weekend of sunshine but alas it was not to be. It poured on the long drive there, it rained while we unpacked the car and put up the tent, and it absolutely bucketed down while we danced the night GUMBOOTS!!

Oh yes I don't think it could have been any wetter if it had tried. The national weather report described it as torrential, they weren't exaggerating. Rain aside, the weekend was as fun as ever. Mud was everywhere in the campsite..ankle deep in most places. The bands were fabulous and we had great company.  What a memorable way to say goodbye to 2011 and welcome to 2012.
New Gumboots

Oh that mud!!

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