Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A day to myself.....

With my work not quite back up to full time until next week for me, I had Monday to myself.  The day was beautiful, too nice to stay at home.  So with time on my hands and the aim of saving as much money as possible this year I thought a little, no-cost adventure was in order.  With my camera in my hand and no schedule to keep I set off.  Such an adventure called for appropriate attire......

Altered thrifted dress

This dress was only couple of dollars but used to look markedly different. Size 20 originally and super long... oh my!!  The happy daisy print was way too cute to leave on the rack of the op-shop though. 

I was a bit nervous about reconstructing this dress but bit the bullet and got started.  I laid a favourite dress on top, lining up the neckline.  I drew around the outside leaving a generous seam allowance.  It needed a few darts here and there and is a smidgen tight across my hips but is definitely still wearable. 

The crisp white and cheeky print get me smiling.  Very glad I just cut into the fabric, normally I choke at the last minute.  I have a few other beauties waiting for makeovers that I must get brave and modify.

My newly sown seeds have popped their little faces through the soil.   So before I ventured out I made sure to give them a little water.  Mmm summer greens, can't wait to eat them.  Hopefully the slugs won't decimate this crop.

Hello babies!
I let my feet lead and my mind wander.  As I walked on in that lovely sun I thought a play with the camera at the graveyard would be pleasant.  Ma. Fox loves to visit graveyards, as does one of my wonderful friends. The old headstones are so beautiful.  Often deserted graveyards are such lovely places to meander through.   With moss and dappled sunlight it was an oasis in the middle of the city. 

From the graveyard to the Auckland Art Gallery is a short stroll.  I spent a quiet few hours there.  Recently refurbished and renovated the gallery is a must visit if you ever get the chance.  Hours can easily be whiled away exploring.  The Victorian Tales of Love and Enchantment exhibition is incredible with works by Frank Bramley, John Godward, John Waterhouse and more. Really there are no words to give these works enough credit. Will be going back to soak up these works more throughout the year. 
Lord Frederick Leighton (1830-1896) The Spirit of the Summit Oil on canvas, c1894 101.6 x 198.1 cm (3' 4
My favourite work; The Spirit of the Summit,  Leighton . source
I came home that day with my spirits high, ideas buzzing around in my head and a spring in my step. Ever so glad I ignored the cleaning!

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  1. That dress looks amazing...I love the way you do that stuff! sewing with out fear!!!
    The cemetary photos are sobeautiful and peaceful, I feel like I had a calming walk too...and I rain...