Monday, January 16, 2012

Food for the soul..

The lack of sunshine around these parts has been a bit of a downer, making it hard to stay inspired.  In between the showers we have been making an effort to get out and about. Attending the Fleet Foxes concert at the Auckland Town Hall was the highlight of the weekend. These guys were tight, the harmonies were so impressive live. It was lovely to have a date with Mr. Fox too! There really isn't many better things in life to enjoy than a live band.

Sunday was rather laid back. Had a lovely chat with a darling friend, made even sweeter by the good news she had to share. Ohh exciting times ahead indeed.  A break in the clouds meant Mr. Fox and I could head out to the Auckland Botanic Gardens.  A bit of a drive from central Auckland but a good excuse to get out of the city.
So many Hydrangeas
The reason we ventured out was to see the sculptures but quite frankly we were both pretty underwhelmed by what was there.  The flowers and park itself however were worth the drive. The park is huge, we only managed to wander around some parts. It was great to be out in the sunshine and breathing in fresh air.  Along the paths there were the most wonderfully colourful hydrangeas. Took way too many photos much to the amusement of Mr. Fox but they were just so gorgeous.

Oh that blue
The warm afternoon had drawn out many people, lots of families picnicking and couples walking hand in hand.  Despite most of the sculptures not being to my taste I did have one favourite. A bear, he was huge. This sculpture had a sense of liveliness, it caught the light and was perfect from every angle. Certainly made up for all the other ones for me.
My fav sculpture
It is certainly good to just do stuff sometimes isn't it.  Enjoying the sunshine on my skin, the breeze on my face and soaking up some fresh sights helped lift my spirits. Felt more motivated and ready for new projects. Like this one that started late last year. It is a Heirloom Baby Blanket, probably to put away for myself one day. Got stuck a little the other day but I think it's a mistake that won't be noticed when it's all done. The wool I have chosen is cream, 100% merino.  Perfect to work on while watching Breaking Bad.

Heirloom Baby Blanket progress

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