Thursday, August 25, 2016

A quiet moment....

My beloved is half way home from across the world. The car is warm while the rain pours down and soft snores from the back create a gentle tempo. A quiet moment to relax for this mummy. Tired from a few nights of broken sleep....molar teeth emerging through red, swollen gums having been waking my wee girl. 

This is our third attempt to run errands this week and the heavy traffic made for a slow trip. An early nap for the a tired babe was inevitable really. And so I wait; thinking I should really keep a craft project in the car for such moments or perhaps have a few podcasts loaded onto my phone. Alas I don't so instead I'll embrace the moment spending a little time writing up posts for the blog. 

The tiny babe in my belly knocks about. Kicks and rolls getting stronger with each passing day. The sweetest feeling. Today is Thursday and my darling is coming home. All is well in my little world.

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