Saturday, August 20, 2016

A new little fox to join our den................

It's been quiet here in this mind has been writing posts that my fingers never typed. Since I last blogged we were surprised to find out we were expecting right after our miscarriage. This news arrived in the midst of us processing the fact the miscarriage had been due to a partial molar pregnancy. Something neither Mr. Fox or I had ever heard of. It will mean closer monitoring/testing during and after any future pregnancies to rule out complications. 

The first Snowflake and sweet violets

We crossed our fingers and the extra scans all looked well. We made it to the magic 12 weeks only to find out that the Nuchal Translucency Screening Combined Results showed baby was at high risk of genetic problems.
An amniocentesis was booked for 17weeks and tried our best to remain hopeful. The first amniocentesis failed as they couldn't break the membranes and obtain a sample. A long week later we had a successful amniocentesis.The worry was exhausting for us and our families. 

 Two days later we got the wonderful news that baby is clear of the genetic conditions. It was an incredible weight lifted and at nearly 19 weeks along we could finally start dreaming of our little one arriving! We are still floating on cloud nine at this wonderful news.

Little vignette to celebrate our baby
My bump is growing and we are over halfway now. Our due date is New Years Day! This pregnancy has been really tough. My morning sickness has been hard to cope with and there have been many days of lying on the couch while Miss Mae plays beside me. A few times it has been really terrible and recently I spent a couple nights in hospital for hyperemesis and dehydration.
Thankfully with new medications I am back on my feet again. Taking it easy, enjoying time the winter sunshine and daydreaming of this little ones face. Oh how sweet it is to await this babes arrival. 

A flannel backed knitted blanket recently completed

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