Monday, April 25, 2016

Pushing through

For the first time in a few months I pushed aside excuses, tiredness, weather and all the other stuff that has been in the way of me exercising. My head has been fighting the craving to just get out there and move.

All that said the main hurdle has been my commitment/motivation. Slowly exercise slid down the priority list. Perhaps the miscarriage knocked me more than I would like to admit. And perhaps broken sleep wore me down. I always knew I just needed to put on my shoes and break through the mental barrier.

Flowering Camellia 
So this morning I did. Despite the wind and a toddler who didn't really feel like heading outdoors. I mustered up the enthusiasm and we walked/jogged around a local park. Throwing in some squats/lunges for good measure. We giggled and jumped, said hello to passing people and dogs. Little miss spotted at least 3 buses and 5 trucks. We admired the diggers and soaked up some Vitamin D.

Of course I feel better, just like I knew I would. The past few months were hard and that my body needed time to heal so I'm not gonna beat myself up for slacking off for a bit. I guess I just wanted to document how good it feels to have been out and sweated just for the sake of it. To stretch out my limbs and let the wind blow away the cobwebs.

I hope that you are enjoying your day and get the chance to move.

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