Monday, August 22, 2016

How fast they grow..........

Nearly two; how on earth can my darling baby girl be nearly two? This thought interrupts my thoughts often during the day. It seems like a mere few weeks ago that we gathered to celebrate her first trip around the sun and yet it is less than a month til we mark her second year.

With Mummy and Aunty Mary on a recent trip to South Australia

Admiring Natures majesty on a walk near Piha
Time is such a fickle thing: stretching endlessly out in front but racing by day by day. Our girl is changing fast, a wild and wonderful toddler. Talking up a storm. She is naturally joyous and so fearless. Happiest outdoors and exploring. We are pleased that Winter is fading into Spring.

"I down Mumma" ...loves to be upside down
The past few months have seen her stretch her independence; sleeping in the cot but with a rail inside of the high side. She resists naps despite still needing them desperately. It is funny to hear her mischief and songs over the monitor she gradually relents to idea of resting. She runs ahead on walks eager to explore and is moving up a level in her swimming classes (graduating from an Angelfish to a Seahorse!).

New words bubble over one another in rush to tell her stories. Stringing together and forming sentences. Continually surprising us with all she knows; numbers, shapes, animals, feelings and colours. We could read her 100 books a day and it wouldn't be enough. Scrapbooks fill up fast with vibrant drawings and toys are put to bed/woken up over and over. Oh what fun she has.
Sneaky ride in the cart
Her Daddy is adored above all else and it is with wonderful excitement that he is spotted at the gate each evening. Makes my heart burst with all the love at the sight of them together. They wrestle and play 'tunnels' under the blankets. He can make her giggle so easily. 

Kelly Tarltons Aquarium

Late night lights exhibition on Daddy's Birthday Eve

There is so much more I could write here as she grows; perhaps though it is the bright spirit she has I want to capture. Just like any other parent I am in awe of my child's effervescence and complexity. So it is with a full heart I will make lists and plan for a small party to celebrate Miss Mae's birthday.

First play in her new sandpit


  1. I just adore the couch photo...what an adorable little spirit a sprite ....Amy she is so lovely Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences. xxx

    1. Thanks, isn't she just such a funny little sprite! That is a good word for her!x