Tuesday, November 22, 2016

All in a flurry

When my morning sickness faded the nesting instinct took over with intensity. I think my mind and body were so relieved to be feeling energetic and well again. It was clear the house needed a good clean and spruce up. Floors have been scrubbed, walls have been wiped down....anything that could be washed has been through the machine, hung out on the clothesline and back. Our wee spare room has had another purge as we make way for our new little family member.

Sweet little garments drying
It was a pure delight to throw open the windows and let the Spring breeze cleanse the house. As was opening up the boxes of carefully stored baby clothes and linens. All the memories of the newborn phase rushing back swiftly. The tiny items waving like bunting on the line outside a promise of the joy to come. The frantic preparations have slowed to a more gentle pace.

There are Christmas presents to be made and wrapped. The festive shopping I have mostly completed as I really don't feel like joining the masses while in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I have plans to make a Christmas Stocking for the new baby (just in case of an early entrance) and to sew a soft woollen jacket in the palest shade of blue. I am keen to put up the Christmas decorations and tree in the coming days.

A few bibs for Christmas and the new babe.

A small scare a couple of weeks ago led to being monitored in hospital for a few hours. However all has settled again. The midwife has given strict instructions to rest up and do less physically. I'm sure the garden won't wait for me but a few weeds won't harm the vegetables.  I am grateful to have the skills to craft away the pre-birth jitters while on imposed rest.

Miss Mae is very glad to have her Mummy back playing outside with her and goodness it is so very wonderful to feel well enough to do so. We have made up for lost time and spent many happy hours at the park and in the garden together. She is my happy little sidekick in the kitchen and loves to mix and 'chop' ingredients. It brings me so much contentment having her alongside me throughout the day and I'm curious to see how she adjusts to the role of 'big sister' when the time comes.

I have many blog posts floating around my head and would love to do a few 'catch up' posts however time will tell if these fade into the ether or make on to here. In the meantime I'll keep on crafting while my girl sleeps.

Tiny bees to adorn little jackets.

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