Saturday, September 13, 2014

Instagram uploads

Instagram is such a fun way to share photos and play with effects. I love the instant record of life's 'Kodak moments'. My use is rather limited to documenting garden progress, flower arrangements and crafting. Documenting selfies and other social stuff doesn't really appeal so much. In saying that though I do need to get back into the habit of taking more photos of life out and about (not to share all these moments on instagram though but record them for family memories). 

I used to be really good at lugging the camera round and snapping away; somehow that has slipped away over the last couple of years. Perhaps with all that has happened during this time, remembering to be present in the moment and soak it up with out the intrusion/interruption of the camera has been at the forefront of my mind. Anyway I digress. 

Birthday tulips, Lilys from the garden and early morning sunlight
 Instagram snaps are handy to jog my memory of whats been going on our life. The pretty flowers below I picked after a long lunch with Mr. Fox. We walked down to the cafe at the end of the road and walked back along the riverside. We had such a peaceful and enjoyable afternoon. These twigs were growing alongside the footpath...perfect for a foraged bouquet. After lots of searching on the internet I think these might be Flowering Quince blooms? I would love to know for sure and grow some in our own backyard. Will see if these might sprout roots if I keep the water up to them.

Flowering Quince perhaps?

Many of the spring flowers are tiny or have very short stems but I can't resist bringing them inside to enjoy their loveliness. Sometimes I have put little flowers in tiny crystal shot glasses but last week I thought of putting some primulas in an egg cup...don't think I've ever thought to do this and I'm not sure why. Looks pretty cute to me. Egg cups are not often used in our house for eggs so why not.

Squirrel and primulas
Miss Lily the cat is so cute that she invariably ends up on Instagram quite often. My phone is full of photos of the cat....crazy cat lady tendencies are increasing round here but we do love her so.

All tuckered out
While pregnant I haven't made many things for cublet. I had made quite a few blankets, bibs and burp cloths a couple of years ago and these have been stored safely until now.

It has been fun to make a little crochet jacket over the past few weeks. It is rather sweet, made with 48 teeny tiny granny squares. The pattern is from this booklet; Patons Cute Crochet. I used the recommended yarn; 4ply Dreamtime in Donkey.  The jacket was quick to make while watching the UK Home Restoration series on Youtube. All it needs now is a ribbon and the wee one to wear it.

Starting to stitch together the squares

Completed little jacket. 
We have the carpet down in the nursery now and have spent the day hanging up pictures and the heater. With furniture in the room it is so inviting. The carpet is super squishy thanks to super thick underlay. It will be so warm in the winter and lovely for cublet to play on. Just have to paint the doors and rehang them. Also need to work out where we will put our extensive vintage childrens book collection and hang a shelf.

If the little one arrives now it will have some pretty sweet digs to hang out in. The weather is a bit rubbish today so when the sun is shining I'll take some photos and post the progress we have made.


  1. oh that little jacket is the cutest!
    and i totally get the crazy cat lady tendencies, my phone is absolutely chock full of them! and silly videos... good for keeping young cat-loving children entertained though ha ha!

    1. Thanks! The wee jacket was so fun to make. Love that you take videos of your kitty. They do get up to some crazy antics!