Friday, September 12, 2014

It's raining, it's pouring......

The weather is soo wet today (not unusual for Spring in Auckland). There is water flowing steadily from the neighbours, through our place where it is making a lake then flowing in to the next neighbours. Sheesh. The Zoodoo compost will at least be settling into the garden and sharing it's goodness.

 However I planted out some seeds a couple of days ago (more peas, basil, coriander, chives) and I'm hoping these won't now rot or be washed away.  Can't win every time in the garden I guess! I read a wonderful post about gardening on Little Mountain Haven; such a good read and really reflects what I love about gardening.

Tools abandoned last weekend when the gentle rain suddenly turned into a downpour!
Last weekend I spread around the bags of compost and started a new little garden in the shaded side of the house. I already had some hellebores planted here but the soil was very poor and the weeds aggressive. Ma Fox had given me some woollen weed mat that I hadn't yet used. I laid this down first to hopefully suppress the buttercup etc.  I loaded up the garden with 3 bags of compost and edged it with tree trunks/branches we had lying around. Rustic look embraced fully here!

Sun out half an hour later and weed mat down. 
This side of the house gets a few hours of sunshine in the morning but still gets rain against the fence. The area hard up against the house gets little rain and next to no sun...not too sure what to do it yet?...maybe the place we eventually install a rainwater or greywater tank perhaps. 

Pa Fox had kindly sent up another box of plants from home. Feeling spoilt to say the this time had seeds for Mr. Fox (lollies and nuts to snack on!).  Some bulbs for spring colour...matchheads, bluebells, snow drops etc. Lovely primulas and some more hellebores. The trilliums are too beautiful. It's the best kind of lucky dip parcel in my eyes!

Lucky dip of plants from Pa Fox
An hour or so of planting/watering and the new garden was done. A week later the plants are getting settled in and they all look to be surviving. It certainly is a better view from the kitchen and lounge too. 

Newly planted garden. 

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