Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Progress in the Nursery

Time seems to be picking up the pace as the weather warms and cublet's due date approaches. Less than a month to go. Though I realise babies have their own schedules and in reality he or she may arrive tomorrow or in well into October.

The Nursery has all the paint on the walls now. What a big effort. Very grateful to Dad and my sister for helping out a few weeks ago. The work goes much faster with company. Mr Fox has been busy settling into his new workplace so I finished the last coat yesterday. I am so happy with the colours this morning.

The cot still needs one last coat of yellow so will work on that this weekend. The room is a pleasant place to paint (warm and dry) before the carpet goes down so I'm making the most of it. If I do painting projects in the garage there always seems to be dust despite sweeping up prior to starting.

It has been a lot of work and mostly done in the evenings/weekends before I left work. Now that I'm on leave I just do as much as I feel up too.  Our house only has insulation in the roof cavity and is therefore a bit cold and damp in the Auckland winter. We really wanted cublet to have an insulated room and I wanted them to be in the room nearest to ours. This had been Mr Fox's man cave so there was some resistance to give it up (understandably so! my craft room has feminine decor but I will make sure I tone that down now that we share the space). The room gets lovely morning sun and won't be too hot for afternoon naps.

When we brought the house we knew that the bathroom would need replaced and that the leaking bath had damaged the floor in the room next door. Because we wanted cublet to have this room we we forced into the renovation of both rooms (no use fixing the floor and the bath still leaking).

 Kinda of a good thing as I just love the new bathroom. Cleaning is such a breeze (It's the small things that make me happy) and it will add value to the house if we ever sell. Mr Fox and a friend had a fun day ripping out the rotten floor in the nursery and hall and replaced it with marine plywood which will last for many years.

Rotten chipboard floor in the nursery

Making a start on the demo

Quite a large portion of floor needed to be removed!

Mr Fox and friend hard at work

The new marine plywood floor.
The walls were the next step so the old gib was removed and new insulation installed. It has made such a difference to the room already. Of course I expected it to be slightly warmer than other rooms but when you walk in the evening it is quite a noticeable difference. It has reinforced the decision to insulate the whole house over time although the thought of more gibbing, sanding and plastering does not excite me at this time. My that plaster dust gets everywhere!!

Team of workers insulating. 

The room all gibbed and stopped

Work ceased in this room for a long while after this as it made the perfect workroom and tool storage area for the guys as they renovated the bathroom. When the bathroom work stopped I was able to get into prepping for painting. It took a lot longer than I thought but gosh what a difference it has made.

The painting begins

Ready to roll after cutting in

The colours now.
We are so pleased with the colours. We used the following;

  • Resene Baltic Sea on the feature wall
  • Resene Grey Chateau on the other walls
  • Resene Bright Spark for the cot
Dulux Vivid White semigloss is on the trims and Dulux Vivid White Low Sheen is on the ceiling. We chose to use the Wash and Wear range so that it easy to clean and has some mould resistance. The carpet we have is grey. Most of the things we intend to decorate the nursery with are bright and will stand out against the dark colours on the wall. Because the room is so sunny I don't think it will feel to dreary or cave like.

So now we get to enjoy the fun part. Once the carpet is done when can move the furniture in and I'll start fluffing around with and folding baby clothes repeatedly. There is a high chance the baby will arrive before we are done but it's wonderful to have the hard yakka finished.

 I am so very grateful for the help we have received in renovating this room and the bathroom. We are truly blessed to have wonderful friends and family who mucked in. We are hoping we can return the favour in the future. It makes me happy to know little cublet will be surrounded and influenced by such special, humble and caring people. 

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