Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cublet arrived!

Our darling wee girl arrived in September! A little girl..fancy that! I'm ever so glad we didn't find out her gender til she was born. Loveliest surprise after the hard graft of labour.

And oh what a gorgeous baby girl she is. She has brought so much joy and healing to us and our family. After a really rough two years it is wonderful to have an incredible little lass to focus on and love with all of our might.

We named her Mae Molly Ann.

Mae because Mr. Fox and I both loved it
Molly as it is such a sweet name
Ann for our wonderful Mums. My Mum's middle name and Mr Fox's Mums first name

We later found out that Molly is a pet name for Mary....my sister's name. How serendipitous!

Five weeks have passed since her arrival and it has gone quickly...although it feels like she has been here forever too. She is starting to smile and coo. Poppa Don and Sister Fox have fallen head over heels and have been able to spend precious time here. It was such a huge help having family here in those first weeks. I am so very lucky. Mr Fox's Mum and partner are coming this weekend and I can't wait for Mae to meet them. Family meeting little ones is the best.

One week old with special giraffe made by Nana Fox

Holding on tight to Poppa Don

So excited to have cublet here!

Cuddles with Aunty Mary 
Cute as a button and growing fast!

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