Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spits and spats

Gardening has been done in little of snippets of time the past few months. Before cublet arrived my energy was waning and my belly was rather too cumbersome to enable much tending of the plots.

Spring brought rain and warmth. The seeds I planted sprouted with mixed success..the peas are going great and have in the past few days starting to produce pods. The chives are poking their little green shoots through the soil but the basil and coriander were a flop. I think the slugs got most of the carrot sprouts too.

Silverbeet and beans


The winter vege have been generous this week. Two huge cauliflower heads and a big broccoli too. I have been eating the first of the broad beans and yesterday the very first strawberries!

The celery is looking much healthier after some compost and the garlic is going crazy. The rhubarb has survived. Hurrah. With family staying and more than eager to hold the wee one I was able to get back outdoors. Was very good for this new Mum to work in the garden.

New passionfruit

Cublet has already had a few trips to the garden store with us. It takes a little longer with people wanting to take a peek inside the Solly Baby wrap! We love the wrap...great for when the wee one can't settle or if you need your hands free. Big fans of baby-wearing here. The new additions for the garden include;

  • A passionfruit vine
  • French marigolds
  • Carnations
  • Livingstone daisies
  • Borage
  • Daisy
  • Capsicum 
  • French lavender

But most exciting is the beginnings of a little orchard. We have always wanted to grow fruit trees but they are an investment and the wedding/renovations took priority. Now we are the proud owners of five fruit trees. They are grafted so from these five trees we should be able to harvest:

  • Apple; Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Splendour and Royal Gala
  • Plum; Black Doris and Billington
  • Peach: Black Boy and Golden Queen
  • Nectarine; Fire Brite and Red Gold
It is so exciting to think of future harvests. It's nice to dream up thoughts of picking fruit with cublet in a few years time. Mae was given an Olive tree as a gift when she was born. I hadn't heard of this tradition before but think it is so sweet. I found a little about it here and here. We brought a big blue pot so that if we move in a few years we can take her special tree with us.

Baby orchard

Mr Fox has potted up a few little trees to take to the office. He has three that he rotates between home and work. A coffee tree, dwarf nectarine and a mandarin. I think it such a cool way to bring a little green inside a stuffy office.

We have been treated to lots of colour from our wildflowers. It certainly brightens a grey day. Hope that your gardens are doing well and the sun is shining wherever you are.

First time watching me in the garden

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  1. So much happening in your garden!
    Your little girl is beautiful and I just love her name (I read your previous post) New babies are just so so precious xxx