Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recording Christmas in April

Cringe! It has taken me four months to get this post started. When the weather is warm I blog less frequently...too many other temptations like the beach and the garden call to me.

Christmas 2014 was our first here in Auckland.  We celebrated here for a number of reasons; it was easier for us with Mae being only three months old, it was a big change for everyone to help ease the pain of our first Christmas without Mum and it was easier for my sister and her man to come from Melbourne. The first Christmas season without Mum was always going to be a tough one. Ma Fox adored Christmas and always spent a lot of time and effort making it a magical experience for family and friends. See how she felt about in her own words here and here. I so miss her blog updates!

Despite not having our Christmas Fairy we had a lovely time. Just our wee family of three for Christmas Eve and morning. A cosy evening finishing up cublet's Christmas stocking while watching the Die Hard movie. In the morning we had such fun opening the wee treasures Santa had left Mae. Oh how I can't wait for this Christmas, Mae will love the flurry of unwrapping and all the paper!
We gave Mae a special penguin ornament and a bauble with her name was gifted by her Aunty Mary. It will be fun to add to her collection as the years go by.

We like the idea of this rhyme for gifting for children as it is so easy to go overboard. Here's how it goes;

Something you want, 
something you need, 
something to wear 
and something to read.

It was a great guide as we chose Mae meaningful presents. In the end we gave her two Schleich figurines; a penguin and an elephant, a sweet little book about a late rainy season in the desert and the hungry animals, a jolly jumper and a little dress. She was very spoilt by the rest of the family, recieving toys, a very cool play gym/mat, clothes, books and her own teddy bear from Poppa.
Mae and her new ornament!

After picking up my Dad from the airport we had a fun picnic lunch at Western Springs with dear friends Brylee and Tony, Tony's children and the puppies. We had such a feast and afterwards went for a wander. It was great to see so many families making the most of a sunny day. We were all quite tired so had a relaxing evening and an early night.  Sister Fox and her man, and Toby's Mum and her partner arrived over the next couple of days. We were grateful to have sunny, warm weather and made the most of it by enjoying a belated Christmas lunch outdoors. Mae had her first swim in her paddling pool, she is a water baby for sure. Chooky our sweet little bantam enjoyed scratching round the lawn as Mae splashed.

Chatting with Poppa

A trip to Devonport was also a highlight. A lovely day swimming in the ocean and lazing under the big Pohutakawa trees. A yummy lunch in a local cafe and a walk along the waterfront. A wonderful way to spend time with the family. Mae was in her element with a captive audience. Looking back she has grown so much since then. Now rolling around easily and almost sitting without help.  She might be toddling or standing this Christmas....oh my goodness how babies grow and change in that first year.

Family stroll at Devonport
Mr Fox and I are grateful to have had such a Merry Christmas last year. We are blessed to have such a fun family. We look forward to many more Christmas holidays in the furture...hopefully with similar perfect weather too!

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