Monday, April 13, 2015

Finding Balance

So I didn't quite get back to blogging within a week as I had hoped but for wonderful reasons. We had our sweet friend Julia stay with us for a couple of nights before she headed off for her South American adventure. We always have the best time when she comes to stay and Mae adores her. Lots to catch up on and friends to picnic with made for the fun kind of busy week.

Auckland's Summer has been spectacular; hot and seemed to go on forever. Today the weather is wet and cool (you can almost hear the garden sigh with relief!). The air smells of that delicious scent drenched soil releases after a long dry spell. The washing line is empty for the first time in months and I should be unpacking the last of our belongings from a weekend away.

However I really wanted to post on the blog. Finding a bit of me time is easier now that Mae's naps are often longer than half an hour or so. It is tempting to run around and make the house sparkle but attending to my hobbies is good for my soul. You know the saying....Happy Mum makes for a happy bub!

Our wee family ventured to the South Island for ten days at the start of March. We hired a rental car and visited friends and family along the way. It was a happy, tiring holiday. Lovely to see Mae doted on by so many. We count ourselves lucky she has a special village to help raise her. 

Playing with condensation during a break on the longest day of driving

Lots of fun with the Great Grandparents! 
Mae was a good wee traveller with only one major meltdown after a very long day of driving. We explored a few new places but mostly enjoyed revisiting some old favourites. I have to make time to put all the photos into the baby book I'm making using Blurb to celebrate her first year. Along with finishing quite a few already started craft projects.

Meeting her Great Nana and Pop was such a highlight. She is the first great grandchild and it's been a long time since there has been a baby in the family. Mae is very spoiled by her Great Nana who has kept her snuggly warm in hand knitted woollens. A new pink hooded cardigan and a beautiful cream cardigan have been added to her wardrobe (along with new booties and mittens).  I am not a fan of synthetic fabrics so with winter coming I am grateful to have such beautiful garments to keep our little girl toasty in the cooler months. 

The latter end of March was spent at my Dad's place. He had back surgery and my sister and I went home to help out. Pa Fox's recovery was speedy and so our time was spent doting on Mae whilst catching up. I was able to spend time with Mae's Grandma and Grandad in Gore. Always a special and fun time there for us both. The anniversary of Mum's passing was during our stay and it was so comforting to all be together. We went to Bluff for Fish and Chips, a walk in the fresh air, shared our favourite stories of our darling was a memorable day.

Bluff harbour

Mr. Fox met us at the airport on Good Friday after nearly 3 weeks apart. It was ever so wonderful to all be together again. Easter weekend was really magical. Mae was content to watch and play in her pram as Toby and I tended the garden. We explored the beach and bush, ate way too much chocolate and generally just soaked up each others company. One of my best Easter breaks for sure.

Which brings us up to the most recent week and weekend. A special couple of days in Raglan with friends. A beautiful, relaxing break away in an amazing batch. The kind of weekend I dreamed of when I was a teenager. We are already planning another getaway......

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