Sunday, April 26, 2015

Raglan Weekend Escape

So a couple of weeks ago we loaded up the car, locked the door and hit the road. We were headed toward Raglan. A coastal town a few hours away but a baby mixed with bad traffic, detours and poor weather made for a rather longer trip. We arrived in the dark, tired and relieved to see our friends. The house was warm and Mae settled quickly to sleep in her port-a-cot. An early night was had by all.

View from the barn

The next morning Mae woke early and the sun was shining. We finally got to see the view and it was spectacular. Our friends Claire and Chris had booked an open plan barn at the top of a hill. Countryside of green grass reached toward steep cliffs where the wild west coast sea rumbled. What an amazing way to start the weekend.

After a delicious breakfast of croissants and fruits we sunscreened up and made our way through the paddocks and down the hill to the beach. I had forgotten my togs so didn't go swimming (dammit!) but sitting on the beach was just as nice. It was amazing weather for Autumn and the beach was busy.

Heading down to the beach

Amazing views from the cliff tops

We drove into Raglan for a late lunch and shopping then spent an evening enjoying the sunset and a few drinks. It was so great to sit around the table and chat into what felt like the wee hours as the two babies slept. To be honest anytime after about nine pm feels the late these days! Cublet was worn out after all the fresh air and slept really well; meaning Mr. Fox and I could relax and enjoy the night.

Bath; holiday style!
These two. Oh my heart

Sunday morning was warm but a bit blustery; still nice enough to enjoy brunch outdoors. We went to Solscape cafe which had incredible views. The menu was vegetarian with much of it grown on site. I'm hoping to go back sometime to enjoy the food. Such a treat to be able to pick anything off the menu (Mr. Fox and I are vegetarian).  I feel quite inspired by the garden and am going to add a few more herbs and flowers to our garden beds. Not just to look pretty but to help confuse the pests.

Enjoying a vegetarian breakfast

Solscape Cafe views
The weather started to cool and rain threatened as we packed the car to go home. It feels like months not weeks ago that we went away. We are already plotting another escape to the beach. Some fresh air, good company and not much else was just the tonic we needed after a busy summer.

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