Friday, July 11, 2014

Flowers make me happy

As the winter set in with all it's windy and wet fury the garden slowed it's growth. I'm enjoying the quieter pace and pottering around when the weather allows.

Pansies are prolific in the vege plot.

Since Mum's passing I have found great solace in the garden, her passion was flowers and herbs; mine the vegetables but I have noticed myself gravitating towards the flower section in Nurseries. Foxgloves, stock, primulas and other cottage dainties have found homes in corners of the garden. Their cheery little faces bringing colour to our winter landscape.  Bringing a few of the blooms inside has also brought me joy. Mum always had floral arrangements inside in nearly every room. She knew how to make a house feel like a home and it's comforting to have this echo in our place.


 Violets never seem to last very long in a vase but gosh they smell heavenly. They grow like a weed in our most shady, damp corner. I just love them and although the practical side of me knows we could utilise this space better, the happiness these tiny blooms give is enough for them to remain safe.

The primulas below have put on quite a show even on the most dreary days. The yellow ones have the loveliest perfume and last for ages in little jugs. They are much happier with the added mulch. Our little lavender bushes are becoming established and I can't wait to harvest their flowers in the summer. 
We recently caved and brought a wisteria bush...Dad has the most awesome wisteria plants growing along the front of the verandah at home and we have visions of creating something similar here.  They tend to grow quite rampantly in the Auckland climate so we have to be vigilant with keeping it in check.

Front garden getting established.
Normally I wish away the winter months in terms of gardening (especially as our lawn turns into a swamp) but this year I'm in no rush. Our little one arrives in the Spring, and so as much as I look forward to the new green growth and abundance the returning warmth brings the slowness is good. It reminds me not to rush..too enjoy the time that my little cublet is tucked up warm and snug. To savour the long winter evenings and the birdies who crowd around our feeder. To relish those last few months as just Mr. and Mrs Fox before we become three. 

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