Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Ages ago I found this terrarium at the local op-shop. It was a bit unloved.  Having wanted to create a terrarium for a long time but never finding the right vessel I scooped it up.  I kinda love that this is in the style of an old Victorian glasshouse and appreciate the work that's gone into it (since Pa. Fox does makes lead light windows as a hobby). After sitting for months on the picnic table and filling up with water we finally got round to creating a miniature world. 
Terrarium prior to a soapy bath!
 It was fun going around the local hardware shops and nurseries one weekend morning picking out wee plants.  Mr. Fox and I luckily fancied similar plants. We chose cacti and succulents for easy keeping and longevity...the sun blazes through onto the coffee table so the plants needed to be hardy.  It didn't take long to position them in cacti potting mix and arrange two cheeky dinosaurs in the midst.

We both love how it looks and kinda wished we had got our act together sooner. It certainly adds some interest and greenery to our living space......if only we could find the perfect gravel to go on top of the dirt! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for some. Not sure what I want exactly but know what I don't like. So far the garden stores and pet shops have proven fruitless. The search continues.

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