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Marrying Mr. Fox, December 2013

To say that I love being married is an understatement. Mr. Fox and I have been together for nearly 13 years and they have been oh so wonderful years......but now calling him my husband and wearing his ring it feels so special. Our wedding day was so full of joy, fun and memories for us both.

Photo by Fiona Anderson Photography

The weather was cool and pouring that day but gave us a clear window to exchange our vows. Our friends and family were incredible and worked awfully hard to get the garden and tents perfect. My gorgeous Mum (who was so sore and sick) created some enormous, floral wreathes and hoop that adorned the reception venue. She also created with her sweet friend Maree our amazing bouquets and corsages. My bridal bouquet was straight from my dreams. Big, frothy, green and white blooms with a nod to floral design of yester years. I truly felt like a bride when the bouquet rested in my arms. Isn't funny when you talk to other women what exactly made them feel like a bride...for so many it is the dress but for me it was always the bouquet, closely followed by wearing the wax flowers wreath in my hair. Some of these have been on the maternal side of the family for four generations.

Photo by Fiona Anderson Photography
My dress was brought on a whim from an antique shop in Balcultha. It had belonged to the friend of the owners wife. I believe it was from the sixties or seventies. Mum and I spotted it on the rack...I had no idea what I wanted for a dress at that stage. I just knew I didn't want anything to fluffy, uncomfortable or overly sexy. So there were two dresses I tried on...we took them away for the night as Mum had a chemo appointment the next day. We had fun that evening as I tried them on in our accommodation. We both loved the one I wore to wed the man of my dreams. Simple with feminine touches of lace and the decoration around the empire waistband. It has the sweetest bows on the shoulders and beautiful draping that hangs from the bows...I wore these lightly looped at my back.

It needed some minor adjustments, in at the waist and shoulders. I also had the high neckline at the back slightly lowered to modernise. Being comfortable was fantastic and I felt so me! I often wear cocktail dresses from this era to other peoples weddings so it was so fitting to wear a bridal version. My veil was an etsy find and had the most delicate floral edging...complementing my headdress perfectly.

Photo by Fiona Anderson Photography

We had no clear colour theme for the day, Mr. Fox and I wanted everything to be fun, vintage and relaxed. My collection of vintage sheets was put to good use in the tents, bunting made by Mum and myself hung in the branches of the garden. Flowers from Mum and her friends gardens were arranged around the place and we used porcelain cups for hot drinks.

Dad had a fantastic idea of making signage from Mini doors and boots. He painted blackboard paint panels and they added a special touch of whimsy to the celebrations. For those who know our family Minis being important will come as no surprise. Both Mum and Dad had minis before us kids came along. I can never remember our household without Minis around. Both us girls learnt to drive in Minis and drove these for many years. When I first met Mr. Fox during our high school years I drove a wee Mini. It was so special to have Minis...three in fact decorated for our wedding. They always bring a smile to our faces.

Photo by Fiona Anderson Photography

Photo by Fiona Anderson Photography

We enjoyed an afternoon tea in Garden before heading into the Ascot Park Hotel in Invercargill for the reception. The menu was a bit risky...Vegetarian with a 'Christmas Curry' for the main. We had great feedback from our guests...most who were pleasantly surprised by the unusual choice. Christmas and curry go together for Mr. Fox and I after spending years celebrating it with special flatmates. A tradition that couldn't be left out this in 2013. Having a wedding so close to Christmas was felt like the festive season began early and it felt good knowing our guests were going home to their families to enjoy the holiday period. Particularly those who had travelled from distant places.

 We danced into the wee hours and it seemed a good time was had by most. The venue looked magical with lots of fairy lights and candles flickering on the tables in vintage teacups. Each table had a different toy as the theme...the dinky cars and mini fishing games seem to be the favourites! The wreath that Mum and I made hung above the dance floor. It was huge, with a base of pine entwined with lights, gold stars and beading...we even had silk flowers and a few gold Christmas decorations to catch the light. It felt like a woodland on a starry Christmas night. It is so fun to see all the planning and hard work become real life. 

Photo by Fiona Anderson Photography

Photo by Fiona Anderson Photography

In all the day is one we will remember ever so fondly. Mostly because of the love on the day. Surrounded by loving friends and family. Love for each other as we committed to each other for the rest of days. Love that was in every handmade decoration and homegrown flower present. Parent's love that made the day so very special for this bride...a beautiful garden, in our longtime home and all those special touches they created. A sister who threw a hens party filled with love and special touches. Our wonderful wedding party who made us feel loved throughout the day. A day where we celebrated life and all the joy love can bring. Cheesy but oh so true. Losing someone as special as Mum makes you realise you have to celebrate love while you can.

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