Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wet weekend!!

Well it has rained pretty much non stop for the whole weekend. So i found some ways to keep myself from getting Cabin fever.
I brought myself some magazines to curl up on the couch with. 'Spaces' by Frankie Magazine is absolutely inspirational and the photography is beautiful. Have already read it cover to cover more than twice!!
Mr. Fox and I splashed out and brought a Nintendo Wii......what fun!!! Seriously addictive. Can't wait to take it home for Christmas day. Definately in for some laughs and good times with this little baby around. Could be a big time waster tho...hmm must try and limit ones gaming time.
I have been crafting too tho..last minute crafting tho, so i cant share yet. And with high hopes of Summer returning to us soon I washed my beloved sneakers....

Sneakers waiting for summer!

And i also to some more photos from my 1954 Ideals Christmas issue (see this post Thrifty goodness). I do so love the pictures in this magazine...

They just seemed to make everything so wholesome and cheeful in the 1950s don't you think?
I saved my favourite til last...everytime i see this picture i smile. I think its super cute, I'm sure you will agree.


  1. lol! the old foxes were made in the 1950"s and they are cheerful and wholesome! Cute pictures! Christmas coming up fast, looking forward to having you both home.

  2. Hello Mr & MS Fox,
    you will have a backyard one day!
    anyway we have rain today (wonderful rain), so you would get very wet lying in a backyard hammock
    Merry Christmas,

    Shiree n Tim