Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Adventures on Stewart Island

I spent a wonderful week on Stewart Island with the whole family.  It was really really cold but even more than that it was beautiful.  I will definately being heading back to Stewart Island sometime.

One of my favourite days was the one we spent on a Ruggedy Range Guided Tour to Ulva Island ( http://www.ruggedyrange.com/ ). Our guide Furhana was wonderful, we certainly would not have seen as many different kinds of birds without a guide.  I managed to get a photo of a precious Stewart Island Robin, they are fearless and follow people along the tracks hoping that they will stir up some insects when they walk.

A Stewart Island Robin
The day started out very sunny but ended up very windy and grey.  We came across two Weka who were fighting on the beach....circling each other then leaping in the air and kicking!!

Two dueling Wekas

We had a great day and and even saw some dolphins on boat back to Stewart Island.

On Stewart Island we did lots of day walks and also went out on fishing trip.....I didnt join in on the fishing (I'm vegetarian) but really enjoyed the trip. It was a beautiful Southland day; blue skys and hardly a breath of wind.

The Skipper and his son were both so kind. Big Mollymauks flew right in close along with Seagulls hoping for a scrap of fish. Not fishing meant lots of time to snap photos of the wildlife.

The name of the fishing boat was 'Rawhiti' which means 'dawn' in Maori i think. The Rawhiti tows a little red dinghy that the Skipper rows to and from his boats mooring place.  Dad and I were lucky enough to get rowed across to a little island in the wee row boat. 
View of Stewart Island from
 the Rawhiti Fishing Boat

We saw some cute seals but no Paua!!  Everyone mangaged to catch some Blue Cod and apparently it was ever so tasty.

A view from the dinghy looking back at the Rawhiti and some hungry fishermen !!

One last picture....
Half Moon Bay,  Stewart Island. NZ


  1. o thrifty ! your photos have come up so well! and you must getting soft up there in auckland, it was only a little bit cold! lol. thanks for coming down and sharing such an awesome holiday

  2. Looks like so much fun! Please come and say hello, and also we are doing a music giveaway on my Dec 9 post. Please come join if you wish.