Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Err those sheep are creepy" said the fox...

.........oh yes they sure are...and if you don't believe me have a look for yourself......

Creepy creepy sheep!!!
I mean what were they thinking....and its a double page spread....there are more of them!!! They almost look like sheep, almost but they do seem to be thinking rather sinister thoughts about that young boy....run boy run!!  Tee Hee what a crazy pattern and its soo BIG too.
I found this in a craft magazine i have never seen before; American Home Crafts, Vol 2, No.1 from 1974.

And amongst the pages i also found this pattern that is sooo cool...i love the styling.....

Awesome crochet!!

I mean whats not to love...alll that colour, those cute kids bundled up in rainbow woollies and so many of those 'Roly Poly Pillow Seats'. I just wish that my sky den was a little bigger so i could go crazy and craft a great big colouful pile of Roly Polys

Heres my thrifty finds from today, some more balls of wool and a cute little tapestry that I think i will hang up...too cute to craft with. And some delicate little hankerchiefs to add to my collection. I do love hankerchiefs. They really are beautiful little artworks and some have such tiny stitches it would seem that a pixie must have been the crafter.

Here is the off cut from the owl t-shirt I had thrifted. The t-shirt was so cute i tried it on and voila it was perfect but too long!! So no grocery bag goodness from this little gem but it is now one super cute headband and a perfectly fitting tee

Well i must get dinner started, my tummy is grumblin


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog this morning. It made me instantly want to jump over to yours. What a great little place it is. I shall be a regular visitor :) Get those roly-poly cushions... they're great! I see I will have to reconstruct one of them in some way!

  2. Blog hoppin and saw that wonderful post of the crochet balls. How cute is that?

  3. Thank you for the great roly poly idea! I made one and now will make another. And another. But first I need to add more stuffing to the first one as it is looking a wee bit too floppy. http://pigstails.blogspot.com/

  4. Thanks so much for your kind comments. Given me such a boost. I got so excited to see Pigtails amazing version of these....and she has posted the pattern. So clever and such a gorgeous blog.
    Terisa I just hopped over to your blog and really enjoyed my visit. So much colour and vibrance. Will be visiting often.