Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Three Years Married Today

Three years ago today I married my dearest friend. Today we wait on our second little one to decide when he or she wants to join our little home. Our little girl sleeps soundly in her room. The sun is shining and the house is twinkling with festive decorations.

Photo credit; Fiona Andersen

Exactly how I wished our marriage and home would be a few years in. Filled up to the brim with love and simple pleasures. A vegetable and flower garden in the yard. Children to love on and a partnership that remains full of fun, trust and respect for each other.

Three years married, 14 and half years together. It won't be long til we have been together half our lives! That seems just so crazy.
So today we will eat strawberries and ice-cream in the evening sun, a simple celebration of togetherness. No need for fancy restaurants, lavish gifts or fanfare.
Just us. Together.

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