Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Handmade Christmas

This year I have been rather organised for Christmas. With baby due on the first of January the last thing I wanted to be doing was rushing around shopping/making things in the final weeks of pregnancy. So in early November I spent an evening writing out a list of who I wanted to give gifts and then perused Pinterest for ideas on what I could possibly craft.

A few hours later I had a few pages outlining all that needed to be done in time for December the 25th.

After completing the list of people and crafts it was just a matter of hunting down supplies; both in the cupboards and with a trip to the craft store. Online shopping has meant minimal time at the actual shops...a true win when you have an active toddler as a constant companion.

It felt rather over the top having lists and wrapping presents in November however it has made for a relaxed December. It is wonderful to have all presents sent to my international family and friends. Most of the parcels and cards have been sent out those who don't live in Auckland too.

Mr. Fox has been rather amused by the early Christmas elf activity. My sewing machine and knitting needles have been busy every nap
time and evening. Items are being ticked off the lists and it looks like perhaps I can wrap the last presents this weekend. A little Christmas baking to be done closer to Christmas and this elf can put her feet up.

I have of course squeezed in some crafting for baby too. A few wraps whipped up with the over locker; extra big and stretchy. Made from cotton jersey in the cutest prints. Perfect for a summer babe. A stack of bibs for both my big girl and baby are complete too.

Light Summer wraps for baby and gifting. Soft cotton dishcloths.

Dribble bibs and regular bibs. A few with Christmas prints too!
 A tiny little jacket of soft wool has been sewn for baby in fabrics carefully stashed by my Mum. These fabrics must have been particularly special to Mum as they were on the very top of her fabric cupboard. No doubt tucked away with a project in mind for her future grand babies.

There is something so difficult but comforting crafting for my little ones using fabrics and wool that she had set aside to use. I tend to always create multiples so as to tuck away gifts for when my sister has her children. Such a tender thought to be wrapping up littlies in my Mum's intended crafting goodness. Oh how much she is missed.

The pattern is free to print; Molly's sketchbook felted wool baby jacket. It only takes a few hours from start to finish and would be a delightful gift to receive. I have another three cut out waiting to be sewn up after the festive season. This combination of fabrics is scrumptious and pretty gender neutral.
Baby jacket for under the tree.

My favourite project ticked off the sewing checklist has been a child size dressing gown. Mae has been asking for her own but I had been unable to find one I liked. Goodness knows why it has taken me so long to realise it would be better just to make one myself.

 I had enough toweling fabric and a beautiful navy owl cotton print to create a toddler size gown. I used the Purl Soho Kids Robe pattern. A surprisingly easy and fast project. Hopefully Mae will be a cosy wee girl next winter.

Finished dressing gown for chilly mornings.
 Many a few hours were spent stitching an embroidered hoop for my dear friend Larissa. Someone who appreciates a tartan and floral combo.  I loved every minute of my time spent on this project. Crafting without a pattern is my preferred crafting style. I let the fabrics inspire the thread colours and let the work evolve. It has been well received by my friend who is a clever crafter herself. There is just enough fabric scraps to make a smaller version for myself.

Floral and tartan hoop.

With lists shrinking and Christmas rolling round fast I am looking forward to finishing up some projects from the year. That green sweet pea cardigan just needs sleeves and the ends woven in. Depending on when the baby arrives it may just be completed in time to be under the tree for Miss Mae.

There is the hexagon crochet blanket that has been in the works for years now calling out to be done in 2017. And with friends expecting babies next year I'm sure a few new projects will be dreamt up too.

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