Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Spring is stirring

I can feel Spring stirring, shaking her pretty head as she wakes for another year. It remains cool and wet but the air feels different, lighter somehow. The birds are busy dancing and wooing each other. Light dances on the lounge floor, through newly trimmed trees along our boundary (thanks Dad). The garden is awakening as the soil warms. Match-heads, violets and polyanthus smatter colour in the sodden side garden. The sedum is sending out spearmint coloured foliage. The vegetables are rousing as the days lengthen. Broad beans are flowering and newly planted sweet peas are pushing upwards. Most exciting is the asparagus spears piercing through their wintry blanket of pea straw.

Our three hens started to lay again, how gratifying it is to have fresh eggs again. They taste so good after the winter break. The many food scraps that Mae creates by throwing her vegetables and fruit from her highchair are giving the feathered ladies a varied diet, supplemented with greens from the garden. It would be difficult to be without our own Chooks again. Three seems to be enough to keep us supplied without being overwhelmed with eggs.

The windy weather seems to seep into my moods; making me feel impatient and titchy. Brisk walks always help. Last week there were a few magic moments that stood out; a dozen or so butterflies feasting upon manuka flowers by the stream. The first daffodil to bloom in my garden (from a bulb sent from my family home). A pair of fantails dancing outside the kitchen window, flitting from branch to branch, chirping in their funny squeaky way. Moments like these calm the restless in me and soothe the crankiness away. 

Of course it is not all sunshine and butterflies. There a bugs that I would rather not venture into my backyard but do. Just last week I got into a bit of a flap when moving aside my gumboots and a large Weta raised his back legs in defence. Too close to my garden shoes and rather a big surprise. Once I calmed myself the offending critter was moved into the lavender bushes. The strawberry patch is the new home to a big, hairy spider. I am a super wuss when it comes to spiders. Ughh. There is gluggy mud tracks under the clothesline and one does not go out without boots on. 

Last Saturday we packed up the car and headed out to one of our favourite places. The Awhitu Regional Park where we spent a cosy night with three other couples. Eight couples, two babies and an overdue catch up. It was wonderful to spend time with our friends from Wellington and our fellow Auckland pals. We have known each other for over a decade now and it is magical to see our babes in the mix. The fire kept us snug and warmed our bones after an evening walk. The weather was kind on the Saturday so we enjoyed an afternoon on the porch. A tiny lemon tree was laden with fruit and we picked a bag to bring home. Lemon muffins are infusing the room with freshness as I type. Awhitu speaks to my heart, we visited this spot years ago and hope to return again. Oh how I love the sea air and rolling hills.
Pretending this cottage by the sea is ours
I'm off to pack for another exciting adventure. I hope that you too are finding joy in the changing seasons and have an adventure of your own planned. 


  1. I loved this, though it had a hint of poignancy as we're heading for winter now. Winter is beautiful but sometimes hard on the moors where we live - it seems a constant battle to keep the outdoors from eating up our little home with its damp and cold - so I'm a little nervous. We're going to the US soon, and hopefully the autumn (or fall there) will be in full leaf.

    1. Good luck for your travels. I imagine Autumn in the US will be quite something...I often read of their love of pumpkin pies on blogs. We don't have them here in New Zealand but think it would be fun to try sometime. The dampness invades our house too but I imagine Winter on the Moors would be much much colder than here!