Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Curtains and sewing machines

There are so many things that I want to sew, knit, plant, enjoy etc but only have two hands and a sweet little baby who seems to be adverse to napping for long periods during the day. Nap times are when I cram housework and cooking in as fast as I can. Starting the mad dash with Yoga at least every other day. Making time to stretch my muscles rejigs my attitude and extends my patience. Like my other projects writing here is slower and broken into shorter sessions. I am learning to savour recording thoughts over a days rather than a quick burst. Finding that I can still pursue my passions between peek-a-boo and story times.

Making our little home warm and dry has been a priority, for own health but most especially Mae's. We have new thermal curtains in the lounge and a new heat pump. Oh how snug it is now. We really can't believe the difference it has made to our comfort. The windows have little to no condensation on them in the mornings and our beds/clothes/furniture feels warmer as they dry out. Poor wee house must have been very laden down with extra moisture. It was certainly worth the hard saving we have been doing the past month or so.

Fiery sky on a cold winters evening
As time allows I have been sewing new net curtains for the windows. Last year on a trip to Melbourne I purchased a roll of dotted net from IKEA. Slowly but surely I am whizzing up seams. Net curtains are a must as we have neighbours on three sides and a park on the fourth. The nets that came with house have done the job until now but were rather too fussy and frilly for our taste. The dampness had left them looking a bit tired and grey too. It is not creative sewing but it does feel good to make savings here and there by doing a job yourself.

The once overflowing mending basket is now empty and I am onto tackling unfinished projects. During my decluttering I have gathered all my crafty projects together. There are many almost complete crafts, started with gusto but left by the wayside after the initial momentum wore off. Some forgotten completely and others willfully ignored because I have reached a tricky bit. The temptation to launch into a new crafty endeavours is strong but I know I will feel satisfied if I just knuckle down to complete at least a few of these tasks.

Spurring me on to 'eat the frog' are my neglected knitting needles. There are some beautiful patterns that I would like to attempt to knit for my Miss Mae Molly Ann. And perhaps even create a few little newborn knits to put away for future babes. A certain fox scarf is begging to be started. Such a thoughtful and awesome gift from my Dad last time he stayed. How sweet it is to be loved by the ones who know you best.

For now the garden is pretty self sufficient. The sleepy weeds lay dormant waiting for the Spring sunshine. Swirling in my head and gathering on my pinterest boards are projects for warmer weather. Sunflowers and strawberries, wildflowers and freshly grown herbs, compost and many wonderful delights to look forward too. Until then I am content to concentrate on indoor tasks.

My sweet girl on a blanket I decorated with needle felted flora & fauna

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