Sunday, April 24, 2011

Last days of holiday...

Overnight it rained, this morning it drizzled and this afternoon it's pouring! All the better for guilt-free blogging and crafting. Yesterday the weather was less wet and I finally started on making a little herb/vege it felt lovely to have my hands in the soil again. For me a new abode never feels like home until a few herbs have there little feet firmly in some dirt and some vegetables are stretching towards a new little patch of sky.
Grow my little herbs...grow...

I am growing to love my new is strange indeed not to have a birds eye-view anymore. The greenery is certainly refreshing though. We are lucky enough that there is a large vegetable garden on the steep slope in front of us (not ours) and then an empty plot. Its nice to have that space to rest our eyes upon.

The new view....see our little patio. Really loving this area, so lovely to have space to enjoy the evening sun. Perfect spot to read or craft the hours away.

When I was at home (sniff, sniff, missing home) Ma. Fox and I started what we thought would be a quick little project....well it wasn't quick and my Mum certainly had more patience than i did. It was a little snap close turned out super cute..we used vintage, embroidered napkins.

Gosh it was hard too chose which one to snip into, it seems so barbaric to cut into them. At the end of the afternoon we both had a special, 100% unique purse.....and isn't it such a good feeling to have made such a thing??!

Little, time-consuming lovely purse!

Detail of the embroidery, thrifted of course!

My darling Mum had got some gorgeous wool that was the perfect spectrum for a granny, stripe blanket. I used this tutorial from Attic 24. It is a great project for a holiday....minimal concentration required but the colour changes kept it fresh and interesting.
Granny stripe
Back to work tomorrow....back to reality. Darn I wish holidays could last much longer...hehe don't we all!  Here's a little spot I will be dreaming of when working tomorrow....

Under this little shelf is a perfect little reading seat with a view of the garden..bliss!


  1. Love the thought of you having a tiny bit of soil again! Love the herb container, that looks really cool. I see the felted bag knitting is still growing! Can't wait to see the new cushions when they are finished.

  2. Hi Missy Fox,
    I have juts been over for a visit to catch up with you, no nursing huh... good on you as you need to be true to yourself and enjoy what 100% what you do... and a new home? Those herbs are looking pretty good...

  3. oops originally added this comment to the wrong post! Wow the purse is so gorgeous. It looks time consuming alright. I can't imagine how you sewed the handle/opener catch on to the rest of it! That is just pure thrifty talent!
    Love love the granny stripe colours of the blanket too