Friday, April 22, 2011

Back online, back up north and back to blogging..

Well it sure is good to be back to blogging. It took so long for our Internet to be connected, due to a series of unfortunate incidents! and then i went on my apologies for not posting sooner.
I had a lovely time on holiday, Mr. Fox and I ventured south for a very special birthday celebration and then lucky me got to spend the week at home with my folks. Oh it was so splendid to be home, i enjoyed it immensely.

A few thrifted finds drying on a blustery Autumn day (check out that awesome woollen blanket!)
Lots of quality time spent with Ma and Pa Fox, a bit of crafting and of course some thrifting too.
All in all it went far too quickly and coming back to Auckland was bittersweet.  Not much time spent behind the camera this holiday but I have a few shots I thought I would share, just little parts of home that make my heart sing.

Super cute sheep and an amazing garden...

....not to mention a little nest exposed by the Autumn leaf fall
.....gorgeous donkeys in the late afternoon light.........

.....................and a lovely late rose blooming.

I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend, I'm off to do some crafting....(really should be cleaning but that will keep!)

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  1. Wow the purse is so gorgeous. It looks time consuming alright. I can't imagine how you sewed the handle/opener catch on to the rest of it! That is just pure thrifty talent!
    Love love the granny stripe colours of the blanket too.