Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crafty goodness

well i cant believe its Wednesday....err when did that happen?!  I thought i might post some of my previous crafty endevours.  And can i add that I am so excited to be finally part of the blogging group......... and to have a comment left on my blog......sooo exciting! jump and up and down exciting! Thanks for dropping by homegirl. :)

Slippers nearly done!!

Finished slippers! Yay!
These slippers were super fast to make.  They kinda look weird and a bit shapeless when you are making them but are soooo cute on.  And are super soft and comfy on little foxy paws!!  It is a pattern included in the 'Crochet Today' magazine November/December 2009 issue.  I think they are called 'Snuggle slippers'. Arent the little bobbles just too cute!
I love that magazine. Its an affordable way of getting modern crochet patterns. They have a great website too with some really fun and FREE patterns.  You can find them at http://www.crochettoday.com/.  Really worth a look.
I really adore their  'Raspberry Beret' pattern from the September/October 2009 issue.  Like really really adore it.  Major foxy crush on this pattern.  Have whipped up three of these berets for gifts so far....now i need to make one for me!! I will post pics when i get around to this. 

Kiwiana market bag

Tiki love market bag
I must apologise for the grainy pics, could only find shrunken versions.  These are some bags i made for an awesome kiwi friend of mine. She lives in Melbourne now and i wanted to give her a little bit of home. These are some gorgeous vintage tea towels i found on some thrifting adventures. They are far too lovely for drying dishes with. They were destined for bigger things, oh yes siree.  I used the trim for the handles and made a basic market bag from the main part of the towels. No pattern.......im a 'give it go' kinda sewing fox!! Perfection is not the aim when i'm sewing although i must say i was mighty pleased with these!! lol. I do love to think of these hanging over my friends shoulder as she trawls the Melbourne markets.
Well this has turned into quite the show and tell session and this little fox better get started on making dinner before a hungry mr. fox returns to the den! xx

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  1. Those slippers are soooooooooo cute, and the bag looks great. hope you are having lots more foxycreating moments. Lovely blog!!!