Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cloudy view from the den

I got up early this morning, the view from the sky den is rather cloudy....... i have been waiting for ' mr. fox' to wake up so i can start up my sewing machine!! I have plans to craft today. A friend is expecting a baby boy early next year and i want to make something for him, something he and his mum will like. And christmas is not so far away...hmm will have to get crafting fast.

I like to sew, crochet and knit..and i am trying to get better at all three.
My mum 'mama fox' is amazing. She can craft like nobodys business. She taught me my crafty skills but i have a really long way to go before i match her talent!!

She and my dad  'papa fox' are my inspiration. Papa fox can make kids we had a homemade go-cart, a playhouse and heaps of other cool stuff he made. He great with anything mechanical and is often in his 'Man den' the shed!

'Sister fox' is a gorgeous fox, she lives in the south too, although she has left the family den. She is a crafty fox too! She is great at sewing and i was throughly spoilt on my last birthday with her crafty present.

The 'family den' is way down at the bottom of New Zealand, in the countryside. I am in the big smoke; Auckland. Mr. fox and i moved here almost a year ago and just love the lifestyle. We are saving hard for a den of our own. Our current den is a rented apartment that is small to say the least. But its cosy and in the central city so it suits us just fine right now.
View from the sky den on a good day

Oooo i  hear the jug boiling away merrily and i need until next time
Goodbye from the thrifty fox

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