Sunday, November 26, 2017

February 2017

  • Little Fox began giving us smiles, long stretches of sleep at night (this lasted a blissful six months) and his sweet little personality started to shine through. He started to add chubbiness to little legs, arms and cheeks.

  • Many summer days meant ample outings. Kiwi Valley Farm, the beach and parks.

  • Poppa Don visited and met Fox. Mae was thrilled to have an extra person to cuddle as she got used to being a big sister. 

  • The garden went wild in the Summer heat. Giving us vegetables and herbs despite being mostly untended. Monarch caterpillars caught Miss Mae's attention and were often brought to us to admire. 

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  1. How absolutely gorgeous to see your lovely family Amy ..I particularly love the photo of little Mae the painter, hahahah her arms.How big Fox has become .You have beautiful babies that is for sure. so cute....What a wonderful family you have created. Lots of love Amy and Merry Christmas.