Saturday, December 12, 2015

Garden musings

My garden this year has rather a large gap in productivity. A very busy Spring socially meant that I missed the window of planting for my Summer crops. The approaching festive season with all it's magic and haste has led me to hold back from popping seeds into the soil. The tender shoots would fry in the hot sun without frequent watering and nurturing.

Despite this we are eating kale and silver beet leaves plucked from beneath their flowering tops. Herbs embellish most meals with their zesty perfume. The tomatoes are starting to flower and little green bulbs are swelling. We have been enjoying sweet, juicy strawberries that burst with flavour as only homegrown berries can.

Zucchini seedlings

Mae started walking independently at the end of October and she follows me in the garden. Running off round the corner of the house to visit the chooks. Pulling off ripe strawberries, taking a bite then tossing it away. My little shadow as I pluck weeds and nip out laterals from the fork of clambering tomato plants. Mimicking me and chatting away. Dream moments for sure.

My gardening girl

When we return from the Christmas break I have plans to start filling the vege patch with Autumnal crops. Giving the soil a little love with new compost and mulch.  Harvesting sun ripened tomatoes, capsicums and spring onions. The air will be heavy with humidity and we will escape to the beach for cool reprieve.

We will be picking up paintbrushes and staining the now water blasted fence. We will be planning a trip north to Doubtless Bay to visit sweet friends how are starting their new adventure next week. Spontaneous picnics will happen. The paddling pool will be filled with tepid water and shrieks of laughter. Oh how I adore Summer.

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  1. The thought of her picking strawberries with her little baby hands is so adorable. Also, can I just say how lovely your raised beds are?