Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Garden....

Although not blogged about the garden hasn't been left neglected over the past few months. My parents came up for a weekend which was total bliss for me. We got to show them our first wee home and tell them all our plans for it. It was more than lovely to have them here and show them a little hospitality.

A wee mantis that did not appreciate having dirt all over..hehe look at that tongue!

Pa. Fox and Mr. Fox worked on turning some pallets into gardens over the weekend.  While Ma. Fox and I made the most of being together and chatted up a storm.  The boys did an amazing job. Before we knew it the gardens were assembled and in need of filling up.  A couple of trips to the garden store later and two winter gardens were finished.

Dad and I having fun in the garden

A few months later we are reaping the rewards and eating spring onions, spinach, lettuce and silver beet. There are some cauliflower heads starting too.  It is nice to look out the window and see the gardens, even on a wet and windy winter day.  And more than that it is a reminder of that lovely weekend my parents came to stay.

All done!

Get growin babies
The garden looks so different now. I will have to get some more photos soon but it is far to cold and wet to venture outside today. x

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