Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scarf update

Well the scarf arrived at Ma and Pa Fox's doorstep yesterday and it has been unwrapped. So now I can show the finished result. I blogged about this snuggly scarf here when I first started it. What a lovely project to work on. The wool is easy to knit with and slides on and off the needle well. I'm pleased with the end result and I think Ma. Fox is too.

Just needing a little something to finish off

The stripes are pretty cute I think but needed something more to make it special. So into the button collection and with a lot of sifting, placing, replacing and rearranging the buttons were chosen and sewn into place.

Opening a button tin, letting the buttons catch the light and run through your fingers is such a simple delight. Isn't it amazing how quickly time can pass when a button tin is open.  My lovely button tin is from a sweet friend and is all the way from England. The buttons are a collection of thrifty finds, gifts and passed on to me by my family.

The gorgeous button tin and it's treasure

Here is the final arrangement I settled on...the buttons looked so sweet when sewn on and helped scarf sit better when worn. It is a small scarf that I though would be perfect to tuck into the collar of a jacket without being too bulky.

I have already cast on a pink and cream scarf for sister can never have too many crafty projects at once. Right?!!

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